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We Are Lost (full Vocals) We Are Lost (full Vocals)

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This reminds me...

of the early 90's when house musicians were experimenting with what sounds they could produce using electronic instruments. The vocals (no doubt some sort of vocoder, a popular "instrument" in house) were repetitive and had the "background mutters". Very retro, very good. I enjoyed this a lot, not many people make audio tracks like this anymore. Hope to hear more like this.

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statueofdiveo responds:


Pink Knight Jamz Pink Knight Jamz

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Sounds interesting

I think it sounds a lot like the soundtracks from Mortal Kombat but without the asian theme to it.

Paroxym- Chillin Paroxym- Chillin

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Why havent i reviewed this yet?

I love it when people include Jazz and Metropolis-style to Drum and Bass. As ZSL said, its like Cyberpunk music, I think it reminds me of Ken Ishiis' music, not to say it isn't original but due to that breakdown leading into the Funky rhythm. The sounds are very soft, yet the drums are hard and the bass is thick and funky. It really gives this song a sense of movement.
I'd love to know what VSTs you used for this. They have great warmth and don't sound empty at all. Whether that was your doing, I'm not sure, but if it was, great work. The piano had a great feel to it, as i said before, very Metropolis sounding. If your wondering what i mean by "Metropolis", it's the sound track of the anime-feature "Metropolis" whichs soundtrack had a lot of futuristic 50's jazz sounds in it (as it was based around that 50's detective style).
I hope to hear more like this from you. If your not "bbbbbooooorrrreeeeddd" I think it'd sound even better.

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Paroxym responds:

Wow what a review. I forget which Vst's I used ill pm u later. Thanks for listening.

Circuit Remade Circuit Remade

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Nice Work

Its got a nice tempo, and with that melody makes it very cheerful. The VSTs are great. The drums when went well with this, and added to the beat. A very good tune indeed.

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Mitrox responds:

thank you TjA.

Electrecuit Electrecuit

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Very good

Fast percussion, smooth paced synth and a very good bass line. Reminds me of Aphex Twins early work, sounds good, nothing over complicated. I enjoyed listening to this, theres a sound that sounds really familiar (sort of echoing/eerie sound). What did you use for this?

Tea and Crumpets Tea and Crumpets

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This is really good, like a summer song. Very feel good vibe to it.

*- Pokémon DancemiX -* *- Pokémon DancemiX -*

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Doesnt sound right...

without that black womans wailing in it.

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Jebbal responds:

Its hard to admit, but you're absolutely right :(

Thanks for the review!

electronic sonic electronic sonic

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is great

I wonder why i havent heard this before? The bell really gives it that Sonic feel, the drums seem a little strange but still very catchy, the guitar seem so... linear. :)
Shame no more VGM covers/remixes like this will be on the portal. :(

Chronamut responds:

a shame indeed.

thanks for the review!


Say Goodnight (vocals) Say Goodnight (vocals)

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I liked it

I enoyed it up until around, 2:48. I enjoyed the intro it was very subtle but full, the bass was very nice, and guitar added to that. Ive not heard the original so im not sure if this was a good cover, what i do know is that this is a good audio. I hope to hear more from you, but maybe less screaming next time. :)

TwilightNecrosis responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it, man.
Nicholls absolutely slayed this thing, it wasn't even twitching anymore by the time I got my hands on it.
And sorry you don't like screaming, but I do. That's metal, take it or leave it.
Thanks for the kind review.

Paradise on E (Karco Remix) Paradise on E (Karco Remix)

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Sounds like a good Chillout remix of it, but that a sort of Ibiza/Caribbean sound to it, very topical sort of sound. Nice pad, synths yet i think it'd sound better with it less... prominent around 4:09. I liked your use of effects and mixing, gave it some good progression. Hope to hear more remixes.

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Karco responds:

Thanks! :D Remixes... well, I could find a good ParagonX9 song to remix but I think that'd be going too far. XD I'm definitely not done with remixes, though, you can definitely expect to hear more from me in time.

Thanks for the review! :)