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1 Year 1 New Track

2012-12-05 17:56:04 by TjA


New Audio

2009-03-16 19:08:14 by TjA /221441
Super Mario Cover

If you haven't heard this yet...

2008-09-13 23:35:43 by TjA

Then suggest you listen to it now.

MAC Entry W.I.P

2008-09-11 20:01:14 by TjA

Of Jester's & Prophet's
1 day left, still no name for it, still no where near finished, not enough time.
I am not prepared.

MAC Entry W.I.P

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Remake Old Audios

2008-07-31 17:04:45 by TjA

I ran out of time with that MAC entry so i have more time to work on other things. So im going to pause all my current projects and remake some of my old audio, using some new techniques ive learnt and with better mixing with the VSTs. Ill probably start with some of my favourites first, though if you liked a song (that was made after 2006), then post it here and ill put it on a list to remake. Anything between Solar Eyes [Demo] to GASMATRON, excluding Christmas Magik, popular on the internet and bosque de hielo.

Current List:
Peace of the World
Mario Ac!d
Seeds of Love

Remake Old Audios

Bits 'n' Pieces

2008-07-12 17:41:26 by TjA

Just a few things to put down:
New Audios:
Genre: Dance/Trance
Faxing Berlin [Remix Reworked] (Original by Deadmau5)

Genre: Rock
New Audio: FL Chan Jam

Genre: Classical
Untitled 3-part - 30%

Genre: Dance/Trance
Solar Eyes [Remake] - 80%

Genre: Drum'n'Bass

Genre: IDM/Experimental

Genre: Ambient/Chillout
Untitled - 10%
New Audio: Circuit - Finished
Frozen Winds -95%

Bits 'n' Pieces

Psycho Mantis

2008-04-16 17:50:41 by TjA

Best Character Ever!

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Psycho Mantis

The Perfect Audio

2008-04-13 00:55:42 by TjA

To my fellow Newgrounders,

I felt i could not go on in this world anymore. I tried to do better and i kept failing to please people. After coming home from the pub (bar), i submitted some of my audio to the 'Newgrounds Audio Portal', i had been working on the audio for weeks, possibly months. I spent all my spare time writing, composing and testing different material, VSTi's and instruments. Though all this hard work, no, my life was put into this audio. After hitting the submit button and hearing the masterpiece play for the first time on Newgrounds i knew it, i knew it'd make history, if not changed the way Newgrounds would listen to music all together.

I was tired since i had spent 18 hours of the day putting the finishing touches to this audio, so i decided to get some sleep, with my new, now addictive audio playing while i slept. I dreamt of a visual image of my audio, and it was that which i saw, that which i perceived to be, a true deity. As i awoke, i was still captivated by my audios aura, if not a spiritual presence that it created around the room. I knew i had created a God, though not through thought or an artists interpretation, but through music.

As i sat there, staring into the screen while mesmerised by the audios tranquillity, in a true stat of euphoria, i felt as i was in nirvana, no, i was sure of it. I tries to get a grasp on the ever-fading reality around me, to see what kind of comments people had written, whether it was about how the audio had changed their life, perception of the world or even their soul. The mouse felt heavy, and my fingers were trembling, making me unable to use the keyboard to quickly refresh. I desperately in this state of pure-thought and relaxation, i knew i couldn't live on without this audio playing, so i scrolled over to the File in the internet window, and clicked with all of my strength on New Window, to create a copy, as soon as the new window appeared the audio began to play in duet.

I found the audios duplicate to sync perfectly, as if juxtaposed, despite this i wanted, i needed to click refresh, i needed to know what i accomplished, if i had truly helped other reach this level of pure happiness and fulfilment. I managed to reach the refresh button, my finger feel heavy, like it was being kept down by a unseen force, yet i managed with great determination to click it. The load seemed like years passing by, i feel my attention drifting, swaying, unable to control my thoughts and concentration. The audio in the other window was having an effect like the first, just as the window was about to fully load.

When i saw it, the audios page, i was horrified, i was faced with several reviews, all showing the same damning numeral that would haunt me, an assembly of zeros, starring at me with comments like "ii could make a better loop with my fist and a pencil..keep trying bro!", i was devastated, the now tranquil euphoria i had felt had now become a living nightmare. I wish i hadn't looked on to see a score of zero, the zeros now were laughing and taunting me, like open mouths, ready to devour my very soul. I was sweating, panicking, wondering what was happened, maybe it was a nightmare, maybe i truly hadnt woken up from my slumber. Though as hard as tried i couldn't wake myself up.
Maybe i wasn't asleep at all.

My soul, now belonged to the audio i had made, i fell to the ground from my chair. I saw a box cutter i'd been using on the the floor, without hesitation i grabbed it and proceeded to push the blade from the plastic sheath, i prepared my seppuku, as i had shamed myself. Suddenly, the door of my room opens haste-fully, my long-time friend standing there, in full grin. "You've come to mock me, also?" i said to him. He did not reply, only holding in what seemed to be a tsunami of laugher. In anger i demanded he did not spare me the sympathy. With a stutter of chuckles he bent down and took the un-sheathed box cutter from my resisting hand. "Wow, that really fucked you up." he said. I lay there, in silence, with confusion amongst my face. He friend continued, "You know when we were at the pub (bar), well me and some other thought it'd be funny to play a prank on you, and well you see, we put a tab of rohypnol and LSD in your pint while you were in the toilet". I was still lying on the the ground trying to absorb what he was saying. "You mean, you drugged me with LSD and date-rape pills?", i felt a surge of anger overcome me.
"Well... yes!" he replied, "It was just for a laugh. Hell, went i got back here you were passed out on your computer chair, listening to some crappy music, i thought it'd be best to leave ya" he said as he smiled.
I sighed a sigh of relief. "Then it was all the drugs doing... the creepy shit that happened?" i said.
"I guess."
"So then my audio didnt really have all zeros?"
"No, it does."
"Fucking zero voters, i'm so pissed off, i'm going to write a thread on Newgrounds."
"Yeah, you do that." he left my room, while i picked myself up from the floor.

Rule #10

Pico Took a Shit in My Mouth

2008-04-05 00:32:55 by TjA

I made this after Pico had a huge shit in my mouth. After spreading it around my mouth and face i licked the rest of the rancid sloppy shit from the floor just in time for Pico to bust a huge load of cum into my ass, at which i squeezed it out and snowballed it with Pico and Darnell, then Nene pissed on all three of us, and Darnell cummed into Nenes ass and she squeezed into Picos mouth. Pico then vomited it into my mouth and i vomited it on the floor and then Darnell a Pico put the shit and vomit into Nenes pussy and she pushed it out with her menstrual blood into Picos eye and he died from AIDS.
This is his tribute.

Pico Took a Shit in My Mouth